Sloan's Farm and Ranch, LLC

Sloan's Farm and Ranch is a South Carolina Certified Grower

We have South Carolina Certified Grown Free Range Eggs!

What makes our eggs better?

Fresh brown farm eggs from free range hens

Most chickens commercially raised to produce the eggs you buy in the grocery store live in harsh conditions. They are usually housed in small cages stacked on top of each other. The chickens are kept in semi-darkness to promote egg production and to prevent the chickens from pecking one another. Since the chickens are kept in a stressful environment, they usually have their beaks cut to prevent the chickens from harming each other. The small wire cages they live in are very uncomfortable and sometimes causes severe or debilitating injuries. Although most chickens live around ten years, and some even longer, commercial chickens usually do not. Commercial chickens are forced to lay under harsh conditions and their peak laying time is two years. After two years, these chickens are sold for meat.

Free Range Chickens

Our chickens live a totally different life. They have a large chicken coop, or as we call the chicken house, that they are free to come and go as they please. The coop keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Inside the coop they have fresh food and water available at all time. Their nesting boxes provide the chickens with a clean, private place to lay eggs, which is exactly what a chicken likes.

Free Range Chickens

We provide our chickens with a protected run area that allows them to play outside while being protected from predators that could harm them. We provide our chickens with grass, snacks, and other amenities to keep the chickens entertained. In other words, our chickens are spoiled.

Our chickens have been with us since they were chicks. Everyone loves to see and hold our baby chicks. As our chickens get older, they are allowed to live free range during the day. They love to scavenger around the farm. This free range living is what makes our eggs so different than what you can buy at the grocery store.

We now have Guinea Eggs in limited supply!

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Guinea Eggs